Bayesian Analysis of Galaxies for Physical Inference and Parameter EStimation is a state of the art Python code for modelling galaxy spectra and fitting spectroscopic and photometric observations.


Photometry and VLT/VIMOS spectrum for a z ~ 1 post-starburst galaxy (blue) fitted with Bagpipes.

Source and installation

Bagpipes can be installed using pip. The model grids the code requires mean the distribution is too large (200MB) to be hosted by PyPI, so pip must be linked through this site to the source files:

pip install -f bagpipes

This should install all dependencies except for MultiNest. See the installation page for further information.

Bagpipes is developed at GitHub, view the source code at


Bagpipes is described in Section 3 of Carnall et al. 2017, if you make use of Bagpipes in your research, please include a citation to this work in any publications.

Bagpipes would not be possible without the following excellent projects:

Getting started

Follow this link to get started with the code.


Example spectral and star-formation history models for a z = 0 passive galaxy.